In the event that we experience harsh weather conditions, please note that there is very little that any maintenance contractors can do in the event of frozen pipework.  We would ask that you read the guidelines below and we appreciate your patience should issues of this nature occur.

Freeze prevention

  • During a severe cold spell, water systems including sprinkler installations can freeze, expand, burst and when there is a thaw significant water damage can result. If the water leakage is not detected.
  • Immediately and appropriate action is taken, significant damage can be caused to contents, IT systems, fixture and fittings and buildings.
  • Monitor temperatures in areas that are vulnerable to freezing and have arrangements in place to increase the level of heating within the area if low temperatures are experienced.
  • During cold spells monitor temperatures every couple of hours and implement control measures if there is an increased risk of low temperatures
  • Never thaw a pipe using a naked flame.
  • If you notice water escaping, please contact M&C Property immediately and try to limit further damage as best you can.


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