We have Moved!!

The Limerick office of M&C Property has now settled in our new offices at The Red Church, Henry Street, Limerick. We are delighted to now call this iconic building in the heart of Limerick CiYFWO2jGKL0uq5aKbYjn7vqwl3x2IR7M0xM4dZeVZs0Ity our home.

Built between 1899 & 19 01 This former Presbyterian church underwent refurbishment in 1995 to convert to office space and we are now finished extensively modifying the interior space to bring the the building up to 21st century standards. We would encourage all existing and future clients of M&C Property to drop in and have a look around. Whether you have a property you need us to sell, let or manage we would be interested in talking to you. 

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